Consumer Retailer Information

We are responsible for our industry. Kadobar asks you to join us in the #NO2MINORS campaign to fight against underage vaping. This initiative is about doing everything we can to prevent vaping products from being sold to minors by spreading awareness.

On this page you’ll find information to help in the fight against underage vaping.


The vaping industry is currently being looked at closely by the FDA who is determining how to best regulate the industry. One major concern the FDA has is the possibility of vaping products getting into the hands of minors. This is a concern that we also share and for that reason we’ve taken and continue to take steps to ensure our products are only being marketed and sold to our intended audience: adults of smoking legal age. The #NOMINORS campaign is only the beginning and we need your help in spreading awareness!


We want to help our retail partners stay updated on the latest regulations and make it easy to stay compliant by offering information and free resources. Read below for the essential information you need to know and visit our shop to order free anti-minor print materials.